Charles Manson

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Charles Manson

Charles Manson Profile

Charles Manson

Charles Manson is by far the most famous of all murderers.  Charles and his "Family" murdered many people. Here is a list of the victims;

6/8/69 Gary Hinman 
8/8/69 Steven Earl Parent
8/8/69 Voytek Frykowski 
8/8/69 Abigail Folger 
8/8/69 Jay Sebring 
8/8/69 Sharon Tate
9/8/69 Leno LaBianca 
9/8/69 Rosemary LaBianca
25-26/8/69 Shorty Shea 


Charles Manson Movies


Helter Skelter Murders

Helter Skelter Murders Description
This film depicts the horrors of the Charles Manson "family" cult and the grisly murders of Sharon Tate and the La Bianca couple. Filmed while the trial of the Manson murderers was still in progress, THE HELTER SKELTER MURDERS was initially banned in Los Angeles, where the infamous bloodbath took place. In addition, the film frighteningly mixes drama with documentary in putting two songs performed by Charles Manson himself on the soundtrack, along with filming reenactments in the very house that the murders took place.


DVD Features:
Region 0
Keep Case
Full Frame -
Dolby Digital Mono - English


Charles Manson Superstar

Charles Manson Superstar

Charles Manson Superstar
In the late 1960's Charles Manson convinced a group of "followers" to move in to the California desert to train for the apocalypse. They eventually committed on of the most horrific string of serial murders in modern times. Since his conviction, Manson has been in a series of jails, where he has continued to build on his twisted philosophies. Considered to be the definitive documentary Manson and his infamous "family," CHARLES MANSON SUPERSTAR tells the killer's story with archival news footage, police photos, an uncensored interview with Manson himself.


DVD Features:
Region 1
Keep Case
Full Screen
Dolby Digital 5.1 - English
Additional Release Material:
Featurette -
Interactive Features:
Interactive Menus
Scene Selection
Text/Photo Gallery:
Director Biography
Photo Gallery

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Or The Manson Family And Their Sick Murders.  Click Here


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