Ed Gein

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Ed Gein

Ed Gein Profile: The Butcher Of Plainfield

This serial killer was known for grave robbery, necrophilia, cannibalism, sadism, death fetishism. He used his victims flesh to sew up lamp shades and his couch. The band "Slayer" has written a song about Ed Gein called "Dead Skin Mask". The song can be found on the "Seasons In The Abyss" CD. It's a great tribute, if you will, to a truly psychotic individual. Click Here For Dead Skin Mask by Slayer This killer inspired movies like "Psycho", "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", and "Silence of the Lambs".
Date of Birth: 08/27/1906
Date of Death: 07/26/1984
Age at Death: 77

Cause of Death:

Heart attack


Ed Gein Movie

Ed Gein Movie

Ed Gein Description
Ed Gein, a shy and retiring 1950s Wisconsin farmer, shocked the nation in 1957 when he was discovered to be a deeply deranged serial killer. Gein, a serial killer of nightmarish proportions, became the inspiration for Robert Bloch's novel PSYCHO, adapted for Hitchcock's legendary film, as well as the films THE TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE and THE SILENCE OF THE LAMBS. ED GEIN recreates the early years of the reclusive man (Steve Railsback) who was raised in relative seclusion by an abusive father and an extremely domineering and puritanical mother (Carrie Snodgress.) As Ed grew to adulthood in the small farming community of Plainfield, Wisconsin he developed an unnatural obsession with his mother and her ultimate approval. After her death, Ed was possessed by her spirit, psychologically unable to give up his lifelong adoration of his deeply devout, brutal, and deranged companion. Driven insane by his own obsessions, Ed became an amateur grave robber in Plainfield and eventually became a solitary practioner of grotesque anatomy experiments and cannibalism. His fetishistic infatuation with the female body and bloodthirsty repressed lust eventually led him to murder the first of his victims, a seductive bartender (Sally Champlin), who Ed believed his mother would disapprove of. Eventually, in 1957, as Ed became more and more consumed by murder, he killed again and was eventually caught at his home--a gruesome and deeply horrific shrine to his bizarre rituals, cannibalism, and necrophelia. This dark and brutally violent film sheds new light on the strange and terrifying man whose deeply disturbing life has haunted the nation's subconscious for decades.

"...[Parello is] an honourable devotee of a higher tradition of horror, eschewing shocks and gore for a degree of intellectual distance and placid remove..."


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For More Information And Pictures Of Ed Gein A.K.A.
The Butcher Of Plainfield.  Click Here

Webmaster's Note: This movie is a creepy horror! This old man was one hell of a nut job. Seemingly very docile with a disturbing hidden side. Like Ted Bundy, it is very hard to believe either of these men could harm a fly. When in fact they did much worse. 


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