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As a child, May (Angela Bettis) had a lazy eye and had to wear a patch, which kept other children from befriending her. Her mother gave her a handmade doll, which became her only companion. Now, as a young adult, the doll is still May's only friend. But when she meets Adam (Jeremy Sisto) at a coffee shop and feels a strong attraction toward him, she tries to overcome her shyness and pursue him. When he ends their very brief relationship, however, it cements May's belief that no person is entirely good--only PARTS of them are good--and she decides to put that concept into frightening practice. A bizarre, darkly comic, and bloody horror treat, MAY is a strikingly original directorial debut from Lucky McKee.

Theatrical: JANUARY 31, 2003 (AUSTIN, DALLAS, FRESNO) MARCH 2003 (WIDER)

"...MAY is a horror film and something more and deeper, something disturbing and oddly moving..."

"...[MAY] taps into a furious atavistic energy that reflects well on the filmmaker and his fully committed cast..."

"...McKee places extraordinary demands on Bettis, who proves to be as rigorous and imaginative as her director..."

"...Writer-director Lucky McKee's script is surprisingly nuanced..."


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