Ted Bundy

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Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy Profile

Ted Bundy was finally executed in Florida after numerous murders of young women in Washington, Utah, Colorado and Florida. This suave soft spoken man seemed approachable to most women and easily lured them in with his charms. Escaping from his captors twice this man is an intelligent being. Soulless but intelligent. He also aided in the investigation into the "Green River Killer" case.
Date of Birth: 11/24/1946
Date of Death: 01/24/1989
Age at Death: 42
Cause of Death: Execution (Electric Chair)
Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy The Movie

Ted Bundy The Movie

Ted Bundy Description
The accounts vary and the actual number will never be known, but the deaths of at least 36 women can be attributed to Theodore Robert Bundy. This biographical horror film begins in Seattle in 1974 where the duplicitous nature of Bundy (Michael Reilly Burke) becomes unmistakably evident. He is working as a polite crisis hotline volunteer, but his callers don't know that he is secretly a sexual deviant in a bow tie whose sexual desires become increasingly perverse until they culminate in his killing spree. Meanwhile, an unsuspecting girlfriend (named "Lee" in the film, this woman--played by Boti Ann Bliss--wrote a book about her life with Bundy under the alias Elizabeth Kendall) dotes on her lover, whose crimes would go unsolved for years. The film follows Bundy's murderous trail through two prison escapes and his eventual execution in Florida.

This detailed account of Bundy's exploits contains chilling murder sequences and a dark sense of humor. The film ends with a memorably bleak execution scene which includes archival footage of the mob outside the prison. The subject matter is not new for distributor First Look, which also released DAHMER and ED GEIN. The latter benefited from the creative team of screenwriter Stephen Johnston and producers Hamish McAlpine and Michael Muscal, who reteamed on this project.

"...There can be no faulting Michael Reilly Burke's chill 'n' charm portrayal of Bundy..."


DVD Features:
Region 1
Keep Case
Anamorphic Widescreen -
Additional Release Material:
Audio Commentary -
1. Matthew Bright - Director
Trailers -
1. Original Theatrical Trailer
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Matthew Bright 
Starring Boti Ann Bliss 
Michael Reilly Burke 
Steffani Brass, Alexa Jego, 
Joseph McDougal, Wayne Morse, 
Tiffany Shepis, Jennifer Tisdale, Tracey Walter 
Cameo Tom Savini 
Composer Kennard Ramsey 
Director of Photography 
Sonja Rom 
Hamish McAlpine 
Michael Muscal 
Matthew Bright 
Stephen Johnston 
Special Makeup Effects 
Tom Savini 


5 stars Outstanding serial killing movies
This movies was great, very graphic and really got deep into the life and mind of Ted Bundy.

5 stars Simply Awesome
This movie was great and really got into the life of Ted Bundy. It covers everything, the beginning, the middle and the end of his killing spree. I highly recommend this to anyone interested. Beware though this is very graphic.

5 stars BRUTAL!!!
This is the best serial killer movie out there! This movie is graphic. It shows the death, rape, and torture. The acting is excellent. Highly recommended to fans of serial killers

 For More Info On Ted Bundy And Ted Bundy Victims.  Click Here

Webmaster's Note: This Is one of the best serial killer movies based on true events ever. It is a great account of what really happened in the deranged mind of this witty and charming psycopath.

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